About Strataspot

Safe, reliable and easy to use, Strataspot is the only tool you’ll ever need to communicate within your building complex.

The cloud based software services residents, managers, body corporate members and owners alike, providing real-time information and communication tools so repair requests, maintenance updates, activity notifications and facility bookings can be easily completed in one easy to use portal.

Accessed via app or online, Strataspot brings all stakeholders of a building together to manage day-to-day and ongoing tasks and provide information to the right people in one secure facility.

For residents

Strataspot enables residents to connect with each other via noticeboards or message service, alerting them to activities, enabling the booking of facilities or providing the means to file maintenance requests. Residents can also use the classified section to advertise items, set up community groups or find local businesses highly regarded for their services.

For managers

Maintenance issues are handled with ease, with managers alerted to repair requests via SMS or online. They can then keep residents updated on maintenance schedules en-masse or individually, and alert owners to a pending repair at their property. Meanwhile management tools track ongoing tasks, providing a virtual assistant to record job progress.

The building history feature allows information to be accumulated and passed on, to provide a record of what jobs where completed, by whom and when.

For owners

Receive immediate alerts to a maintenance issue at your property, then track the job progress along with who completed the repairs, on what date, or find the latest details of the body corporate meeting online. Whether it’s maintenance, tenancy changeover or body corporate decisions, Strataspot has you covered via SMS or through the website.

For all

Strataspot provides a unique communication tool designed to bring strata communities and stakeholders together in one single platform. It enables interested parties to forego the paper trail of years gone by and relax in the knowledge that if it affects you as a member of the strata community, you’ll be notified and have current information, wherever you may be.





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