A brief timeline of


The Idea

After spending 3 years on the Executive Committee of the largest Strata Plan in Sydney, Nuvit, founder and CEO of Oenju, realised that the complexity and conflicting priorities of the strata world required a unique solution. This solution would prove disruptive to the industry but enhance the way strata management was managed.



In 2000, CyberCommunity was created as a solution to address exactly this. Meriton Group, Australia’s largest and most successful residential developer, quickly understood that the platform was a game-changer and on-boarded all of their sites on CyberCommunity (Strataspot's original name).


User Experience Enhancements

Strata Managers, Building Managers, Executive Committees, Owners and Tenants began seeing the enormous benefit of the platform. Strataspot started taking feedback and began making user interface enhancements for better usability.


Content Management

Many others followed and contributed with their feedback, which was embedded in the developmental process of building a robust platform. Strataspot transformed into a fully functional CMS system where users could start to customise their respective system.


Mobility and Asset Register

Strataspot was now mobile. Users were able to access all their information on their phones, and were not limited to a desktop system. Further, improvements were made during this time, such as the introduction of incident reports, parcel notification systems, and most notably, the Asset Register system which allowed building managers to access costings, depreciations/appreciations, warranties, user manuals, etc. of all their buildings' assets.



Strataspot went through marketing exercises, surveyed users about the product, engaged designers, and more UI/UX enhancements were made.


The Overhaul

Meetings and surveys continued. More enhancements were made. New and more robust coding languages became available and Strataspot had to keep up with the ever-evolving and fast-paced tech world. In 2014 Strataspot was completely rebuilt from the ground up to ensure the system was robust and up-to-date.



Today, Strataspot continues to make the lives of people in real estate better by giving them a cloud-based platform that is easy to use and effectively efficient. We are excited to see what lays ahead in the future and look to explore new ways that better the lives of communities.

Strataspot’s ultimate goal is to connect you with your neighbourhood and build a safe and strong community. That is truly empowering.

The Strataspot

Nuvit Esmer

Founder and CEO

Nuvit is the company founder and with a depth of knowledge regarding the Strata Industry, he has been the driving force behind Oenju since early 2000. From engaging Strata Managers and Building Managers as an Owners Corporation Chairman, to dealing with the owners, residents and tenants, Nuvit continues to advance Strataspot. His relentless drive on product development and introducing innovative technologies, such as the online booking system and Annual Fire Inspection module, Nuvit has made an enormous contribution to the improvement and enjoyment of living in a complex strata environment.

David Haythorn

Technology & Strategy

David has spent the last 15 years focusing on technology and internet strategies for growth in Financial Services, Real Estate and Strata Property organisations. Although having worked closely with the team in an advisory role since 2010, David joined Oenju in 2014. His areas of focus include consumer Internet, enterprise 2.0, mobile, online marketplaces, payments, and social networks. David likes to work with products that can reach tens-of-thousands of participants and businesses that have network effects.

Raaef Khan

Head Developer

Raaef, Oenju’s Senior Developer has been with the organisation since 2009, and has been heavily involved in the buildout of the platform. Raaef leads our award-winning team of developers. His main areas of expertise for Oenju are C#.Net, ASP.Net, HTML5, JavaScript & MSSQL Server. He completed his undergraduate degree from University Of Technology (UTS), Sydney, specialising in different forms of programming paradigms and artificial intelligence.

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