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How does a Strata Plan Building work – for beginners

Posted on 24/04/2018 O Comment

 Safe, reliable and easy to use, Strataspot is the only tool you’ll ever need to communicate within your building complex. The cloud based software services residents, managers, body corporate members and owners alike, providing real-time information and communication tools so repair requests, maintenance updates, activity notifications and facility bookings can be easily completed in


Depreciation – the tax deduction lots of property investors forget to claim

Posted on 12/05/2017 O Comment

Depreciation – the tax deduction lots of property investors forget to claim. There are lots of property related tax deductions that all investors claim: council rates, water rates, property management fees, repairs. But depreciation is one that many people don’t even know about. Think of it as compensation for wear and tear. Buildings suffer wear


How technology is transforming strata life

Posted on 01/05/2017 O Comment

From the way we shop to how we work, technology is transforming our lives. It’s allowing us information at the touch of a button anywhere, anytime. It’s also automating simple tasks like lighting, security and more. So how is technology affecting strata communities and how can it be harnessed to improve the experience? Smart security


Fast strata facts

Posted on 14/04/2017 O Comment

With Australia’s population increasing and the cities beckoning when it comes to employment, the good old quarter-acre block, three-bedroom house and Aussie backyard are well and truly a thing of the past. Instead, more and more of the population is living in strata title communities where resources, assets and facilities are shared. As the boom


Strata time, and the living is easy

Posted on 03/04/2017 O Comment

Throw 10 people into a room and you’ll likely get some varied opinions. Throw 100 into a strata community and you’ll get a whole lot more; from what equals appropriate behaviour to what volume of noise is acceptable and how late is too late to use the communal pool. The bottom line is every neighbourhood


The beginner’s guide to balconies

Posted on 14/03/2017 O Comment

For any apartment dweller, balconies are a fabulous addition offering an outdoor entertaining area, extra living space and the opportunity to catch a little more view. They can also add thousands of dollars to the value of your unit. But balconies raise some intriguing issues when it comes to how they can be used and


Five ways to give to your neighbours

Posted on 01/03/2017 O Comment

On March 26 Australia celebrates Neighbour Day, an initiative facilitated by Relationships Australia to recognise strong communities, encourage social connection, and ensure the welfare of those who live around us. Amidst studies that note strong communities lead to better life satisfaction, a sense of wellbeing, and possibly even better health, here are five ways to


Keeping the peace

Posted on 06/02/2017 O Comment

The three Cs of community living Strata living offers some wonderful benefits; affordability in built-up areas, proximity to essentials like transport, shopping and work, and access to amenities like swimming pools and barbecues. But there are occasional challenges when it comes to community living. Here is our guide to fostering harmony and keeping the peace,


What makes a great community

Posted on 25/01/2017 O Comment

Great communities don’t happen by accident; they’re part good design, part access to services and largely attributed to the people who reside within them. It’s often hard to put a finger in why exactly they work, but here are the top five reasons some communities truly shine… Inclusion Contrary to the modern trend where people


Why Community Counts in a Technological World

Posted on 01/11/2016 O Comment

These days we’re more likely than ever before to live away from our families, to move for work or study, and conduct a vast portion of our socialising via technology. In a world where we can connect with others at the push of a button, a physical community with the security and warm social embrace