Could Strataspot, a Nimble Web-app, Change the Way We Live in Multi-dwelling Complexes?

Strataspot has been hard at work, tinkering, to make our lives easier.

If you’ve lived in a multi-dwelling apartment block, then you’ll know exactly what I’m talking about. Forget the noise and amount of neighbours – that’s a given. I’m talking about all the other tricky stuff that comes with living in a dense apartment complex…

What are the rules?

Are pets allowed?

How and where are parcels delivered?

How do we know if the elevator isn’t working? Do they tell us?

How do fire alarm evacuations work?

How do I book a car spot for a friend that is visiting?

I want to book the communal BBQ area… umm… do I just turn up early?

Do I report issues in my unit to the building manager, property manager or strata manager if something goes wrong?

When are scheduled fire alarm inspections conducted?

Strataspot is here to put all those questions to bed. And do much more.

Virtually every pain point you’ve experienced in multi-dwelling complexes disappears with the arrival of Stratapot.

“Strataspot was created to make strata living, big or small, easy for residents, and to give them transparency on issues in their buildings. It was a problem I have experienced and something I see on a day-to-day basis in strata plans.”

Nuvit Esmer, CEO and Founder.

Strataspot is the brainchild of Nuvit Esmer, and he has been hard at work for the past 15 years meticulously putting together this software, and it is very detailed. Nuvit was an executive committee member of one of Australia’s largest strata plans and saw all the headaches and bottlenecks associated with strata living, from management issues to residents being left in the dark. He heard the shouts and murmurs from residents, as well as, building management and thought something needs to be done.


Strataspot web-app is responsive and works on all devices

“This may change the way we communicate with our strata plan and our greater community in its entirety.”

With the property boom of multi-dwelling apartments in Australia doubling, and the increase in mobile usage for services, it was high time that a software like Strataspot would come about.

What does it do exactly? It makes communication between residents and their strata plan super simple. It is the only tool you need as a resident to communicate with your strata managers, building managers, real estate, tradespeople, and neighbours. Think of it as a task management tool for your building and social network platform for you and your neighbours.

“Sometimes, we forget about the people we are serving, and in the end, that is the owners and residents”, Nuvit says. The core focus of Strataspot is to empower owners and residents and allow them to better utilize those parties who are there to make their strata living experience more enriching.

How it works

Residents and owners register for free and are given a login to access their building. On the dashboard, they can see all the building’s happenings, which include:

  • Noticeboards (general notices posted by the building management to alert the building’s residents of occurrences around the building)
  • Maintenance Requests (statuses on faults and building issues, and whether or not they’ve been completed)
  • Booking Requests (you can schedule a booking for a BBQ area, tennis court or parking space with the tap of a finger with an intuitive calendar)
  • Social Groups (want to meet people in your building and create a dog-walkers club? Do it on Strataspot)
  • Classifieds (Buy and sell to your neighbours)


“The problem that exists for strata and building managers today is that communication happens through various funnels. Phone calls get missed; emails aren’t received; paperwork gets filed away and lost. Strataspot gets rid of all that and allows the whole process to be streamlined and more efficient.”

Strataspot head software developer

Strataspot’s is now being used in over 20,000 units around Australia and has been adopted by Meriton, one of Australia’s largest multi-complex development giants.

Towards the stratasphere and beyond!

Strataspot’s ultimate goal is create safer communities through meaningful interactions between neighbours, local businesses and strata plans. With the increase in denser living arrangements, it behooves all of us to foster more transparency between all the working parties in a neighbourhood, says Nuvit. This means working together as a community to create a more harmonious society where we can feel a sense of belonging and familiarity with the neighbours we live next door to.

Nuvit believes Strataspot will be the way of the future and it is only a corollary that users and building developments will hop aboard. There is a seismic shift in the way we do things and we need to be ahead of the curve or be left behind when the wave comes, he says.

Strataspot is available now at and it is free to sign up.


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