Six ways to get to know your neighbours

Striking up a personal connection in today’s busy world is often way down a lengthy list of things to do, but getting to know your neighbours helps engender a sense of community and shared security in any neighbourhood.

A little effort goes a long way when it comes to creating a fresh social network and ultimately safer community. So grab that empty cup, get ready to borrow sugar, here are six new ways to get to know your neighbours.

Introduce yourself

Yes it’s simple, but it only takes a few minutes to introduce yourself when you move into a new neighbourhood. That small gesture of opening yourself to new connections by knocking on the neighbour’s door creates a whole world of possibilities, and people welcome it more than you would imagine.

Block party

Some of the most vibrant communities are built on events like street or block parties. These social occasions don’t have to be held often, perhaps as little as once a year. But whether you host them on the street or at a communal area like the barbecue or pool, they allow people to get to know each other in a relaxed and informal setting.

To make it simple, have everyone bring a plate and their own drinks, and celebrate a special occasion, like Christmas.

Borrow something

It could be that clich├ęd cup of sugar or something more substantial like a ladder, but knocking on the neighbour’s door and asking to borrow something is an easy way to introduce yourself.

People are often more than willing to assist and recognise that it takes effort and a little gumption to reach out to others. In addition, this small initial request could set you up for a new friendship where you gather each other’s mail and generally check your neighbour is OK.

Strike up a conversation

Whether you’re in the lift, by the pool or passing someone in the car park, strike up a conversation with a smile and say hello.

The more you do this, the more often you recognise and get to know others within your community, and it’s a gentle way to ease yourself into a network.

Book Club

Tennis club, dog walking group, mother’s group or book club, anyone? Setting up a club or group is a sensational way to get social, while providing fodder for never-ending conversations about shared interests.

You can host these groups at your place, the local park, communal spaces or have a roster of the member’s properties.

Call to action

Nothing unites a community quite like a call to action, whether it’s a local improvement group, a residents’ interest committee or a neighbourhood watch team. These groups are renowned for their ability to enact change and implement innovative community focussed ideas, with the question being; what could be better in your community and who’s interested in taking part.

How we can help

StrataSpot is a unique portal designed to connect communities and effectively manage strata buildings.

Whether you wish to initiative a block party or set up a social group, our platform provides a virtual notice board complete with messaging that facilitates community connections. You can learn more about what we offer here.

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