An Effective Way to Channel Communications

Historically we tried Sharepoint. That worked well, however we had issues with people “blogging” to air their issues. This was not productive and was very hard to manage. The other major concern was that of privacy.

Since sourcing this new portal, all participants can still interact and ask questions knowing that these questions can be fielded and actioned in a timely and professional manner. Announcements concerning all residents can be broadcast quickly and effectively and the Building Manager can now action a jobs list more effectively.

The benefit of using this portal allows the committee to keep track of issues and put out fires before issues and concerns become an emotional issue for residents.

Communication has been channelled more effectively and residents feel they are being listened to and concerns are actioned immediately.

We now are building historical data so new owners can view items easily and all By-Laws and conditions are in one place.

Building Name with held (by request)
Executive Committee Member

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