A Bright Future for Service Providers

Without doubt you took a risk in trying (for the fist time ever as far as I know) to control the vital task of orgainising a yearly AFSS via a web portal platform.

You have done extremely well. The fire services company inform me that they received not one phone call to their hotline during the inspection period which in their long experience is unprecedented.

In conjunction with this it should not be forgotten that the building manager looking after this vital inspection had never actually been involved with a AFSS prior to the one he has just gone through with the web portal as his only interaction tool.

The complex where this was achieved is diverse and in no way a small community having over 210 units, 20 commercial enterprises as well as a national supermarket chain present.

The take up of this web based booking service will be the forerunner for many other community interactions which will interconnect service providers and the communities they serve in ways I can not even imagine.

I see an extremely bright future for service providers into the future using your system as a platform to better communicate with their clients and other providers to obtain the best possible outcomes for all involved.

Again well done


St Margarets
Senior Facilities Manager

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